Green Cart Program


Changes to Green Cart subscription rates for 2020 and 2021

At their Preliminary Business Plan and Budget meeting on November 26, 2019, City Council resolved to increase the 2020 and 2021 Green Cart program fees to $85 per season ($65 Early Bird rate until April 30).



Green Cart is an optional fee-for-service (non-refundable) program for residential yard and food waste. This program offers bi-weekly front-street collection and is available to single-family households with Blue and Black carts.

Rates and Fees

2020 season subscription fees: $85 per season ($65 Early Bird rate until April 30)

2021 season subscription fees: $85 per season ($65 Early Bird rate until April 30)

New Subscribers

New subscribers will receive their cart within 4 weeks of receipt of payment and registration.

Returning Subscribers

There is no automatic renewal for the 2020 season and billing does not occur as part of your utility bill. If you want to continue your Green Cart collection service, you must renew and pay the seasonal fee. If you do not wish to renew your Green Cart for 2020, please call 306-975-2486 or email to arrange for your cart to be picked up once the 2020 Green Cart season is underway.

Are you moving? Don’t leave your Green Cart behind! In order to ensure uninterrupted service, please bring your Green Cart to your new home and contact us at 306-975-2486 or email to inform us of its new location. Also note that your collection schedule may have changed, so remember to check the online collection calendar so you don’t miss pick up day.


More information and tips about the City of Saskatoon Organics (Yard & Food Waste) Green Cart Program